Axiom + 1: AND THERE IS a connection between outer understanding and inner experience: this is the PASSAGE.

The initiation passage is the path, the +1 element of the MAG-URA system.


In September 2019 my house, The Falcons Nest creative and living space invited a homeschooling group. I soon found myself teaching a bunch of wonderful kids. And soon found that there is no proper system of knowledge for them, no order in the vast universe of skills, information and possibilities around and inside of them. Us. I realized the need for such a system, to be able to see, interpret and handle the world we live in. And I realized I have just such a system: the MAG-URA. I only had to put the common SCHOOL SUBJECTS into analogy with my research database system. And bingo. Based on my plans, we are now working on constructing the TEMPLE OF KNOWLEDGE, as a schooling system, a board game and possibly a video game with the kids.

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