Axiom 0: THERE IS a single common law, model and treasure of all living beings: this is the SEED or MAG. 

“Everything that rises must converge,” says cosmologist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. Converge indeed, in the SEED! Everything that rises today in the field of awakening consciousness is connected in a central reality point: the key structure of creation, which is the SEED. See in greater detail with research background and much more @

The SEED is God, the Source, the One. In Magyar, the most archaic, model language on Earth, SEED is MAG. (Read more about this here.) Just think of all the words with MAG: magic, magnetic, magnificent, magnanimous, major, and of course Magyar – all of these owe their content to the word and concept: MAG. MAG-consciousness is at the bottom of all history’s magic, wonders and true myths.




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MAG is the key to UNITY, MAG is at once the SOURCE and AIM of time, the ALPHA and OMEGA of space. MAG is a trinary concentric structure which defines all living forms and organisms, including human consciousness, human societies and human languages. Originally. Once human languages were organically programmed by the Universe, based on the MAG code, so human consciousness was Universally balanced, harmonised and ordered – and so human life was also happy, truthful and wholesome. accordingly. But then something happened, and a broken-coded mental and behavioural program appeared in language, one which breaks MAG consciousness and ethics – then another, then another, and by now these MAG-cracked language families rule the Blue Planet: the Semitic, the Chinese and the Indo-European. All MAG-programmed indigenous language families and cultures are much older than these, keeping the codes of our common EDEN, even at the cost of being the underdogs in the dualistic, either-or colonial paradigm – which is coming to its end right around NOW, having failed but not yet having admitted to bankruptcy yet.

We can now see and prove that the original MAG program has been manipulated and violated in almost all parts of the Globe systematically for centuries and millennia, in consciousness, in society, and in language families – these are absolutely connected. We can now know when and how the original MAG-program of eternal life and universal connection was hacked.

We live in hacked consciousness – but some indigenous societies and races are still keepers of Eden – in their language structure! The most conscious keepers of our common code are the Magyars, the People who call themselves by the Seed, and whose language and archaic heritage is proven to be the oldest, deepest and indeed richest on Earth. The Magyars are not a nation: they are THE MOTHER RACE of all human races, Magyar is THE MOTHER LANGUAGE of human languages. THE SEED kept by all indigenous peoples and tribes is the basis of the ancient magical paradigm and the source of awakening organic natural-human-cosmic CONSCIOUSNESS. This ORIGINAL LIFE PROGRAM is potentially there, pure, whole, un-mis-programmed in every new-born baby all over the world, only we should actively, purposefully and lovingly un-mis-program our civilisation, stop systematically and artificially deforming the consciousness of ourselves and our children.

See my suggestion for a linguistic reform of consciousness here.

- Amagdala - 

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